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Yellow Colored Sand 20 LB

Vibrant Quality Colored Sand

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Yellow Colored Sand 20 LB

Colored Sand

Colored Sand from Classic Sand & Play is a high-quality, affordable solution to fill your sand box or create amazing art projects with your children! Our sand is sourced from approved beaches making it one of the purest packages of sand on the market.

Adding a Little Color to Sand

Colored Sand is much like the sand for sandboxesSandsational Sculpting Sand, and play sand. As the name implies, colored sand is play sand that has been fused with a vibrant color through a unique process. If you’re worried about staining your kid’s shirts and hands while playing, our colored sand does not run or rub off. Now you can have peace of mind that your kid is playing with vibrant colored sand without the worries of staining or running a load of laundry. Colored Sand is safe, even for the little ones who want to play with it for sensory development and for arts and crafts around the home. Colored Sand can even be used for art projects that require different textures! We offer sand in Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, and Black.

What Sets Our Sand Apart?

As simple as it is, sand can be an effective creative outlet for children who like to build from their imaginations. However, the quality of sand can help foster inventiveness or form frustrations. Play Sand is a crafted product that ensures play time is good for their health and development. Although similar, play sand differs from normal sand in that it is a non-toxic beach sand that has been washed and rinsed to eliminate harmful silicas and dust. Unlike sand that is bought at hardware and home improvement stores, play sand is uniform in color, texture, and grain size so it becomes a more consistent building and sculpting material.

So how much sand is right for my children? Whether you would like to purchase colored sand for a small art project or to fill a sandbox, we have you covered. The average sandbox holds between 50 – 500 lbs. A good rule of thumb is to leave about 3-4 inches of space from the top. Sand is sold in bags of varying volumes or by the pound. The most sensible method for sandbox and playground development is to buy in bulk amounts to reduce transportation costs.

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