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Sandsational Sculpting Sand

Sandsational Sculpting Sand from Classic Sand & Play is a high-quality, affordable solution to help develop sensory skills in children! Our specialty process makes our sand the coolest science toy your kid can get.

Why Buy Sandsational Sculpting Sand?

Play Sand and Sticky Sand have a proven positive effect on fine motor skills for young children and a therapeutic playground for those with sensory issues. As a result, we are seeing more and more developmental clinics use our sculpting sand!

Sculpting Sand differs from your typical sand for sandboxes, colored sand, and play sand. Sticky Sand repels water due to a hydrophobic layer that is added to each grain of sand through a unique manufacturing process. The hydrophobic compound sticks to other nearby grains when wet and instantly becomes completely dry when removed from water. These amazing properties make it perfect for any kind of outdoor setting and requires much less upkeep. It’s great for curious kids who like to experiment with new science tricks or enjoy arts and crafts. This sand also comes a variety of colors including Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, and Black.

What Makes Sand Great with Children?

Sand has always been a simple yet popular toy among small children. Even without basic tools, play sand has amazing sculpting properties and provides a wide range of tactile and sensory stimulus. Play sand differs from normal sand in that it does not contain any dust particles due to a wash and rinse process and is then specially graded to be non-toxic and safe for children. Unlike sand that is bought at hardware and home improvement stores, play sand is uniform in color, texture, and grain size. Without small rocks, pebbles and dust to cause frustrations while building and sculpting, play sand can create an atmosphere of creativity and imagination.

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