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Sand for Sandboxes

Play Sand from Classic Sand & Play is a high-quality, affordable solution to fill your sand box or put the finishing touches on an outdoor oasis project! Our sand is sourced from approved beaches making it one of the purest packages of sand on the market.

What is the Right Kind of Sand for Sandboxes?

What makes sand for sandboxes right for children? Our process of washing and rinsing cleanses any small rocks and dust from the sand. When inconsistencies exist within the sand, sandcastles break apart easily and molding the sand becomes difficult. You will also notice that when you pour regular sand from waist-height that you may see a cloud of dust rising. It can be a health hazard to your child if this dust gets into their eyes, mouth, nose, ears, and lungs!

It’s no surprise that sandboxes have been popular since they first started appearing as play toys as early as the 1850s. It was created as a way for children to be in their own garden of imagination and to play in a space that could not hurt them. Sand is a material that’s fluid and adaptable yet with a few drops of water allows children to form mountains and valleys with scenes that only live inside their minds. At Classic Sand & Play, we pride ourselves in creating the best possible sand for your kids. We manufacture Play Sand which is the basis to Colored Sand and Sandsational Sculpting Sand.

What is Play Sand and how is it different?

Play Sand is beach sand that has been rinsed and washed of impurities and inconsistencies, and then specially graded to ensure that the end product is safe, non-toxic, and is completely uniform. Unlike sand that is bought at hardware and home improvement stores, play sand is uniform in color, texture, and grain size so it becomes a less frustrating building and sculpting material.

If you’re trying to fill a sandbox, how much sand should you get? The average capacity of most sandboxes is between 50 and 500 lbs. A good rule of thumb is to leave about 3-4 inches of space from the top. Consult your sandbox instructions for exactly how much sand to purchase. Sandbox Sand is also appropriate for playgrounds! Sand is sold by bags of varying volumes or by the pound. The most sensible method for sandbox and playground development is to buy in bulk amounts to reduce transportation costs.

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