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Play Sand from Classic Sand & Play is a high-quality, affordable solution to fill your sand box or put the finishing touches on an outdoor oasis project! Our sand is sourced from approved beaches making it one of the purest packages of sand on the market.

How to Choose the Right Sand for a Sandbox

Choosing the right sand for a sandbox isn’t as straightforward as some might think. Choosing the wrong type of sand can affect the health and development of your growing child. Some parents may assume that sand can be picked up at your local hardware store. What you may not know is that those sands are made from ground up quartz, feldspar, marble, or limestone. Although great for construction purposes, hardware store sand isn’t appropriate for kids.

The Difference Between Play Sand and Regular Sand

When manufacturers grind up stones for sand, the process produces a lot of dust particles that settle in the mouth, nose, eyes, ears, and lungs. This can pose a serious health concern for many parents, as that dust settles inside of each bag. Play sand, however, is sourced from approved beaches around the country. When the sand is brought into the warehouse, it is appropriately washed and rinsed to remove harmful elements like silicas and dust. Our sand is then specially graded to ensure that it is non-toxic and safe for children. This type of sand is great for filling playgrounds and sandboxes for the little ones that benefit from the additional sensory stimulus.

How can you tell the normal sand from play sand? There are two tests you can do to ensure that your sand is safe to play in.

  1. Dust Test. Pour the sand from waist height. If the falling sand produces clouds of dust, you may want to find a different alternative.
  2. Sugar Test. Your play sand should have the same uniformity that pure white sugar has. The sand should show a consistency in color, texture, and grain size. Small rocks, pebbles, and dust in the sand can cause sandcastles to fall apart and become very frustrating to play in. Pro-Tip: Add a bit of water when building with sand! You’ll have enough water when you can make a sand ball that doesn’t break apart when you roll it around in your open hand.

Play sand also comes in a few fun varieties! Check out sand for sandboxes, colored sand, and our favorite — Sandsational Sculpting Sand!

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